Every Day is Extraordinary

Lookout Mountain RV Park Gallery

When you’re here, each moment is so beautiful you almost can’t bear to let it slip away. Then the next brings nature’s ever-changing beauty and you find yourself enthralled anew…


East Texas' Best Kept Secret

Not even all area residents know about the scenic beauty of Lookout Mountain. It’s pretty common to see new visitors have a look of amazement, to hear “I never knew this was here!”

The expansive views are why we fell in love with the land. Our family has been part of the area’s history for decades. The sunsets, the East Texas hospitality, the Jacksonville tomatoes and Southern hospitality are all in our blood.

We’re opening our property as Lookout Mountain RV Park for the first time, both to protect the land to which we feel so connected and to share the beauty with people who will appreciate it as much as we do. We’re starting something unique here, and we invite you to be a part.


Book your stay early, because we have limited space. With one-of-a-kind amenities, we hope to make your list of best Texas RV parks and become a place you wish you’d never have to leave.

We also want to see our East Texas RV park through your eyes. Send us photos you take during your stay, they might end up in our gallery!

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