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Rich in Texas History Since the Beginning

When you stand on the pergola or relax in the Lookout Room, you might not realize you’re overlooking millions of years of Texas history. The ridge on which our East Texas RV park rests starts at 720 feet above sea level and rises another 240 feet above the surrounding terrain.

Geologists refer to the ridge as the Mt. Enterprise Fault Line. There are shark teeth on the mountain tops and there’s petrified wood in the soil.

In more recent history, the scenic ridge became a popular vacation destination during antebellum Texas. As more people bought cars, it became a top spot for a scenic drive and lazy afternoon picnic. The Texas Forest Service built on the hill a forest fire lookout tower that stands there today.

Bonus amenity

Nearby - Love's Lookout Visitors Center

One of the perks of booking your long-term stay at Lookout Mountain RV Park is the presence of Love’s Lookout a quick walk up the road. The Texas Historical Commission site has sparkling clean restrooms open 24/7, a visitor’s center, picnic tables and more space for panoramic views.

Love’s Lookout has been a lot of things throughout the years. Over the years, people have called it “lover’s lookout,” but that’s incorrect. The area was named for Wesley Love, a peach farmer who bought and developed the land. When he died, his wife donated a large tract to the State of Texas. In 1934, the City of Jacksonville bought additional acreage and the Work Projects Administration built roads and trails, an amphitheater, picnic facilities and more into the hillside.

Note – Love’s Lookout is not part of Lookout Mountain RV Park, it’s an additional landmark available to our guests as well as the general public. There’s nowhere you can stay that gets you closer.

We're building something here for future generations.​

Denny Mortis

a new dream for the future

Lookout Mountain RV Park is Born

You have a chance to be a part of history when you book your stay at our new East Texas RV Resort. This land, these views haven’t been available to the public until now, and you won’t find our unique amenities just anywhere. 

Our family has been investing in the large tracts on Lookout Mountain for decades. Now, we’re excited to share the natural beauty with you as we open what we believe is the best RV park in Texas.

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